Dental Braces

Damon & Metal Teeth Braces

Dental braces are wire-based devices used to align and straighten over-crowded and misaligned teeth. Appropriate for both children and adults, the goal of braces is to properly align the teeth and jaws to produce an even bite, whilst also working to improve dental health. There are many variations on the market, and fortunately in recent years, dental braces have become much more comfortable, and less intrusive to wear with the emergence of transparent braces and advanced orthodontic braces.

Many people choose braces to enhance their appearance but braces also serve a crucial dental health role. Poorly aligned teeth can make teeth difficult to clean, which can result in tooth decay and gum disease, as well as contributing to speech and chewing difficulties, and excessive wear to certain teeth. Dental braces can prevent these types of problems before they become severe.

Lifestyle Orthodontics is your leading orthodontic clinic in Sydney, providing a range of dental braces for adults and children. Our expert orthodontists will work with you to devise the best braces option for you so you can get the smile you have always wanted. Get in touch with our team on 02 8412 0085 today.

Orthodontic Braces Treatment Options

WIN Lingual Braces

Patients who would like to minimise the appearance of braces should consider lingual braces.

Lingual braces are very similar to conventional metal braces except that the brackets are bonded to the back side or lingual (tongue) side of the tooth. This means that even during orthodontic treatment, you can smile with confident, clear teeth. Most people won’t even know you are wearing braces!

The purpose of positioning the brackets on the back sides of the teeth is solely to minimise their appearance.

Win Lingual Braces

Metal Orthodontic Braces

Patients who are seeking the most affordable dental braces should consider conventional metal braces, which continue to be an extremely cost-effective option.

Metal dental braces consist of brackets, an arch wire, and elastic bands. Brackets are small, metal devices that are bonded to the front surface of each tooth. Brackets today are smaller and smoother than the brackets of just a few years ago. The arch wire is a single wire that is attached to each of the brackets and provides the force to move the teeth.

Transparent Braces

Patients who would like to minimise the appearance of braces should also consider clear braces.

Clear, or transparent, braces are quite similar to standard metal braces except that the brackets are made from a ceramic (composite material) rather than from metal. The ceramic is either clear or tooth-coloured, so that they blend with your teeth and are less noticeable than standard metal braces.

Damon Braces

Patients who are seeking a more comfortable option for dental braces should consider Damon braces, which use less force.

Damon braces, also known as self-ligating braces, are very similar to standard metal braces, except the metal brackets are smooth with rounded edges and are specially designed with a hinged opening to hold the arch wire in place.


Advanced Digital Orthodontic Solution


Combining the efficiency of digital smile design and the precision of patient-specific appliances. Insignia offers a comprehensive digital design and customised appliance treatment system that empowers you to achieve your ideal finishes efficiently and consistently.


Insignia is the digital system we use for conventional braces at the practice.

  1. We 3D scan patients’ teeth, take photos, x-rays
  2. The Orthodontist designs the treatment plan on the Insignia software
  3. The braces and wires are 3D printed for each specific case


  • More predictability and accuracy as the treatment is customised for each patient
  • Shorter treatment time
  • It is a 100% unique customised orthodontic treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

During treatment, we will teach you how to keep your dental braces clean by brushing and flossing. It’s important to practice good oral hygiene while wearing braces so that the surface of your teeth and your gums stay healthy. We will also explain how to cover a wire or bracket with wax if it is irritating your cheek or gums.

At your first visit to Lifestyle Orthodontics, we will examine your teeth, mouth, and jaw. We will also take Orthodontic records (photographs and x-rays). After determining your orthodontic needs, we will discuss the different types of dental braces options, highlighting which treatment would be best for you, and outlining expected duration and costs of treatment.